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I have the pleasure of writing this reference for John O’Brien who is the principal of O’Brien Property.

I have been John’s lawyer for the last 6 years and have provided legal services in respect of his projects over that time. I have been practicing law for over 30 years both in New Zealand and overseas. I specialise in commercial law and property, including subdivisions and construction law.

I have been impressed with John’s skills and experience in subdivisions and property development in general. In my experience he has a practical problem-solving approach which has caused all of his projects to be successful.

John also provides consultancy services to others who are less familiar with the technical and practical issues that arise in many projects. His no-nonsense, persistent approach is appreciated by his clients. John’s consultancy advice can be invaluable in obtaining a successful result on-time and on-budget. In some cases he also offers joint venture or partnering opportunities for selected clients.

I have no hesitation in recommending John to those who need assistance with their property development project. In all my dealings with John I have always found him to be reliable, capable and trustworthy. I therefore have no hesitation in commending him to you.
Andrew Smith
Atticus Legal
Cheal Consultants Ltd is a multidisciplinary engineering, surveying and planning consultancy located in the Central North Island of New Zealand.

Over the last 5 years we have had the pleasure of working with John O’Brien on a number of projects ranging from constructing secondary dwellings on properties through to 100 allotment residential developments.

We have worked with John as both a client where we have been carrying out work for him and also where he acted as a Project Manager for other clients. In all cases John was the driving force behind the successful completion of the projects. He uses his knowledge of the building industry and considerable determination to ensure no roadblocks stop projects from reaching completion.

John has a never say never attitude and a passion for finding solutions for problems that would stop many others in their tracks. One of the highlights of working with John is a 35 lot residential development in Rotorua which had significant stormwater and geotechnical issues. Through Johns project management skills, suitable solutions were found for these and agreements reached with Rotorua Lakes Council. There are now 35 new houses in an area where several other developers had tried and failed.

John has also partnered with landowners who have the desire to undertake land development, but not the experience. In these cases he brings the experience and drive and helps people to achieve their goals.

We would highly recommend John to anyone looking for a project manager to drive their project forward.
Anthony Moss
John O’Brien is project manager that understands that the critical elements of subdivision and development are people and relationships. John works hard at reading people and situations to ensure that projects keep moving forward.

We have worked for John as accountant and advisor and have been impressed by his ability to keep projects moving. John continues to talk to the market and find development opportunities and his expansive network means that he can find the right people to get the job done.

Auctus has expertise in taxation advice, structuring and financial project management with a special interest in property development. We have worked with John and helped him to drive projects to conclusion ensuring that they close out on budget. We provide peace of mind to people that partner with John by acting as financial custodian to the project funding.

If you are considering developing your block of land or need assistance with your project then a conversation with John is a good place to start.
Steven Mundy
Auctus Advisory Limited
We have found John O Brien to be a useful asset to our business and very much helped to add value to development transactions for our vendors. He has been both informative and proactive when we are looking into subdivision options, drainage issues, construction methodologies and problem solving. He has a vast degree of experience to draw on along with a complete network of professionals to fall back on. John has helped and been involved in more than four separate projects with us in a consultative role. We also have seen first-hand his positive and motivated ability to project manage several developments from the start through to completion and interact professionally with the necessary bureaucratic agencies involved to achieve a successful outcome for all involved. We have no hesitation in putting him forward as “someone who can make it happen".Regards Bobbie and Paul Sumner
Harcourts Hillcrest Rural and Lifestyle Team.
John O'Brien is an easy going experienced professional in land development. He is your go to guy for all land development and sub division matters.
I would highly recommend John, as we had a great experience for our subdivision and development project. He helped us through the engineering and design plan through to council sign off.
Mansoor Cheema
Roosh Technology Ltd