Do you find the thought of trying to plan and manage the project yourself quite daunting?

Kiwis love d.i.y. but many projects go overtime and over budget, sometimes causing great financial stress and making the project unprofitable.

Good planning and supervision of contractors is vital to help avoid this, that’s where we can help.

O’Brien project management offers a full range of project management services ranging from “turn key” which we manage on your behalf from start to finish to a more limited scope of services obtaining building/resource consents, or advising on a property’s redevelopment potential.


We can also, if required assist you with  preparation of building plans and dealing with all council requirements.

O’Brien project management has a great working relationship with the councils as well as a full range of professionals e.g. architects, draughtsmen and experienced tradesmen, which we can offer you to do your job. Likewise with full project management we insure all council inspections are carried out at each required stage and then apply for code of compliance certificate when all work is completed.



It is difficult for some who is not in the industry to know which contractors are good and what is a fair price and once they have been appointed making sure their work is completed on time.

We take the guess work out of appointing and supervising contractors for you.

We have worked with these people on many projects and we can recommend these people to clients.

In the case of full project management we organise for them to be on site at the times required, and oversee through to completion of the job also check their level of progress before approving their invoice for payment by you.  We also hire right gear on right price  for you.

Additional Services

We can also, if required assist you with the purchasing of a suitable property and arranging finance. 


New Zealand

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