Private & Domestic Customers

As the pressure on land in our towns and cities grows there is a lot of land being unlocked by private people who subdivide their Kiwi ¼ acre block. Subdividing can unlock cash for the homeowner to move on with the next stage of their life, provide for family needs or build a nest egg for the future.

Can I Subdivide?

Thee first questions we are asked by private landowners is “Can I subdivide?” and “How much money can I make?”. The answer to the first will often dictate the second. We cannot tell you on this website that just because you have a large section it means you can automatically subdivide, nor can we tell you how much money you can make.

What we will say is we can find out very quickly if you can subdivide and then we can work with you to work out the answer to how much money you may be able to make.

Finance can be arranged

Third question is inevitably, “How much will it cost me?”. This we can answer. If you do not have sufficient funds to put toward the costs we may be able to finance the work and recoup our investment at the time the subdivided land is sold.
As part of the process, we take on the responsibility of
  • Working with the council to do the paperwork (Resource Consents and Building Consent applications etc.)
  • Organize and understand Geotech reports.
  • Designing drains and other services.
  • Overseeing this work is carried out to building code and in accordance with resource consent requirements.
  • Basically, we manage the project from beginning to end.
  • We can even help with relocating houses within the site or moving houses to new locations.
For your peace of mind we insist that any investment we make in helping customers with our finance options are made using lawyers for both parties to ensure the deal is fair and equitable.

If you would like to talk about your land and how we might help, please call John on 999999 or send us an email.